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We understand the importance of planning for the future of your business and your family. We are skilled at navigating the complex legal and personal aspects of business succession and estate planning, probate and trust administration. We specialize in counseling clients on preparing wills, trusts, special needs trusts, durable powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, living trusts and designations of patient advocate. We will help you create a business succession plan to protect and preserve your hard earned assets.

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Problem: Kids these days . . . and Crime
July 6, 2017

It’s summertime, and with the rise in heat comes a rise in rambunctiousness.  Some of your offspring may be experiencing “senioritis”.  This is a good time to pass along some sage advice that may help them from making a bad situation worse.  Whether it’s a DUI, minor in possession, or misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, the ramifications of a criminal conviction can be financially enormous in the long run: loss of scholarships, negative impact on ability to get student housing, or receive financial aid, intern or employment opportunities, etc.

Basic Estate Planning Terms & Issues
August 8, 2016

This memo explains some of the basic estate planning terms and issues to consider, and identifies some common approaches to those issues.

Basics of Estate Planning
August 7, 2016

Your estate planning is done in three stages. First, we will gather all pertinent information from you as to your wishes.

Is a living trust right for you?
August 6, 2016

It seems like trusts and estate planning are those things that only the wealthy or those with complicated estates should do.  But a living trust can be advantageous for almost everyone.

How often or when should I review my estate plan?
July 27, 2015

At some point in time, everyone should have an estate plan set up directing how your taxable property should be handled or transferred to heirs of your estate.

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