Primer For Creative Entrepreneurs

March 31, 2014

PROBLEM: Most businesses do not know what intellectual property they have, how to protect it or how to leverage its value.

Every day, trademark turf battles are being fought to keep competitors from infringing on hard earned businesses’ goodwill. Copyright claims by creative geniuses are being filed with abandon. The U.S. Supreme Court, in its long-awaited Bilski ruling, recently reaffirmed that business process patents are protectable intellectual property (IP). It is clear from our evolving legal and economic landscape that IP will be at the forefront of driving and sustaining our GNP over the next millennium. Every business needs to vigilant about understanding where they stand on this horizon.


Educate yourself by reading my article, Intellectual Property: a Primer for the Creative Entrepreneur. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more on the value of having an intellectual property audit done at a reasonable fixed fee.

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